cats-cafe replied to your post: two dudes in kigurumis walked up to me…

why were they trying to feed you cheese so persistently did you look like a starving baby mouse to them?? also something like that happened to me today except it was a drunk guy with cheetos??

they were dressed in cat kigus so ahah, i didn’t get why either
damn, did he stop?? ): <

sick-ghost replied to your post: two dudes in kigurumis walked up to me…

I’m sorry, but if I ever saw anyone do that to someone, I would seriously punch them in the face, I would be so upset. I’m upset now. That is so disgusting. Ugh.

the thing is that i don’t really react while people do stuff like that, it’s after when they’ve walked away that i react (punch them for me, i’m too slow)

two dudes in kigurumis walked up to me at the store and leaned in real close while eating cheese that they apparently stole? and touched my hair and tried to feed me the cheese multiple times even though i said no

cakesmashing replied to your post: so i found my little sisters youtube a…

this is so precious hahaha, did you show her your drawing??

heheh not yet, she’s not gonna be home until sunday so i’ll have to wait :3c

so i found my little sisters youtube account and fursona = i have to draw her

living the mori girl life

NSFW art when?

i don’t really draw often, and if i do draw something nsfw it isn’t that likely for me to post it. right now i sadly don’t have any time to draw because of school 


me flirting with the girls like: hey neko girls…..nya…rawr

holy snap you're adorable :O

thank you! :D <3

lately i’ve been wanting to make a post and apologize for not posting much but then i realized that i don’t owe anyone anything
gotta stop feeling so guilty over not drawing because that makes me want to draw even less

new madoka wig (8

new madoka wig (8

i really want to draw but i can’t because i’m in stockholmmm

your art is cute!! you're cute!!! stay cute!!!!

you’re the one who’s cute!! thank you! <33 :D